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How To Enable Embedding For A Youtube Video


If you own a YouTube video that does not allow embedding and want to change this setting, follow the instructions below.

Enable Embedding For A Youtube Video:

  • Step 1 >> Log into your YouTube account. Click your avatar and then the Creator Studio link:
  • rksocialking.com

  • Step 2 >> Then open the Video Manager link:
  • rksocialking.com

  • Step 3 >> Click Edit, next to the video of interest, and then Info and Settings:
  • rksocialking.com

  • Step 4 >> Open the Advanced Settings tab, and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Under Syndication, ensure Everywhere is checked. Under Distribution options, check Allow embedding. Finally, click Save changes:
  • rksocialking.com

    The YouTube video should now play on any Facebook / Twitter / Reddit / Telegram Anywhere out of YouTube Community Network using embed link.

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